‘Going Live’

‘Going Live’

In my real day job, I work for days, weeks, sometimes months to prepare a client for flipping the switch from a “Test Environment” to their “Live Environment”.  We call that a “Go Live”.  I’m usually a bit nervous and crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly.  More often than not, it usually does…

Today, however,  that ‘client’ is me.  I’ve been working for a few months getting a new website built.  It’s finally ready.  It’s launch day.  So that’s what I’m doing today, right now.

I’m ‘going live’ … with my new website and blog!

Since I started this photography journey a few years ago, it has morphed into something that really stirs my soul and makes me happy. I’m seeing differently with my eyes, always mentally taking a picture. I’m trying to see this big crazy world as a beautiful place even when the news says differently.

My most favorite time in the world is waking up before dawn and driving to a special place to watch the sunrise. Sometimes I take a picture. Sometimes I just watch.

So I put together this space to share my happy place.

It’s a space I’ve been dreaming of for a while.  A place to post my images.  A place to share a recipe or two.  A place to just relax and chat sometimes.

It’s a space where should one of my images take you to a happy place you can own it for your very own.

It’s a space I really hope you will enjoy browsing from time to time.

So welcome friends!  I know you will bear with me while I work out any kinks and refine my space.  Ya’ll are nice like that.


I’m really excited you are here.


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  • Kelly Campbell - I will enter and enjoy, thank you for the invitation! I love your photography and you too! You have at least one faithful follower anyway! Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • Nadeen - oh, my! I, too, am an early riser, lover of sunrise who heads out early almost every day. Your new site and images are lovely.ReplyCancel

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