Landscape/Nature Challenge – Day 3

Today makes Day 3 of the #‎challengeonnaturephotography landscape/nature challenge.  I was nominated to participate by my talented photographer friends LaVonne and Jacki. 🙂

Last year I drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway and ended up at Mount Mitchell.  Originally I wasn’t going to stop, but the closer I got to the parking area the more the clouds looked really interesting.  I finally found a parking space and then tried to find a spot to capture what I was really seeing.  The clouds were literally below me.  They looked like a soft cotton blanket.  This was the best spot I could find.  Imagine standing in this spot and looking directly in front of you, and all you see is a layer of clouds straight ahead with a small slice of sky above.

I truly wish I could have gotten on just a little higher ground.  It was a very cool site to see.


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