Max Patch Mountain

I had the opportunity to visit Max Patch Mountain recently with a photography group.  It’s one of my very favorite places.  We ventured out late in the afternoon in order to catch the sunset.  There had to be someone watching over us because we were blessed with one of the finest sunset’s I’ve ever witnessed.  I truly believe (although I’m certainly hopeful) I’ll never witness a sight as beautiful as that was that night.  The images below do not appropriately reflect what was seen.  I don’t think you could really capture it to tell the truth.  I sure did try, but eventually just watched.

A few before the sunset.

C15A7084 copy-sharpened

C15A7097-Edit copy-sharpened

C15A7112 copy-sharpened

C15A7105 copy-sharpened

And then this…(it was really that red)


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