Project 366 {Week 1}

I’ve decided to try and do a Project 365 this year.  That’s where you take a picture a day for a whole year.  A whole year…  A whoooole year…  And actually this is a Project 366 because it’s a leap year, so we have an extra day.

I’ve never done one before.  I’ve done a Project 52 where you take one picture a week, but not one picture a day.  I think it will be fun.  I’m making it a little easier by only using my iPhone.  I nearly always have that with me, so it will be easier to take a picture.  I think…  I’m also using daily prompts from a couple different sites to help me think of things to take pictures of.  If I can’t find anything for either prompt, then I’ll just take a picture of anything that strikes me that day.  Just as long as I get a picture in for the day.

So, I’ve got one week down… 359 more pictures to go!


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