The {Serenity} Project – Fall Colors

Earlier this month I took a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway to try and spot some fall colors.  Report were that in the higher elevations the leaves were turning and were near peak.  We drove to a spot called Rough Ridge.  I don’t remember hiking there before so I was excited to go and see the area.

We headed out early, really early, and drove on the parkway in the dark early morning hours.  No street lights exist on the parkway, so it was just us and a set of headlights driving the curves up the mountain.  Though it was dark, it was actually pretty serene driving in the quiet of the morning.

We ran into some thick fog the higher we got in elevation.  I was just hoping a bear wasn’t going to suddenly appear in front of my car.

Arriving at Rough Ridge, we were still enveloped in fog and couldn’t quite see any views.  But we headed up the trail anyway and climbed to the top.  We knew the fog would burn off eventually, so we sat and waited around for a while.

Serenity surrounded me as we sat in the silent forest drinking in the fresh air and waiting for the fog to clear.

The fog finally cleared a bit and we were rewarded with a spectacular view!  The engineering marvel of the Linn Cove Viaduct wrapped beautifully around the trees.  Though it wasn’t quite peak, the colors were turning and the bright reds, yellows and oranges provided a lovely carpeted forest floor.

The Serenity Project is collective blog consisting of members who strive for all things serene.  This month is no exception in finding serenity all around us in this world.  My friend Carrie Peterson, Kentucky Landscape Photographer is next in our serenity blog circle.  Follow the circle around to see what she has to share this month.

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