So Far This Year…

Sooooo, it’s still brown and dull around here since we still have a bit to go until spring.  But looking back in my photos folder I found that I actually took a few more than I thought.  Most of them are from snowy days, where the white covered the brown and dull, but a couple are from regular days too.

I’m seeing a few signs of spring out there.  I’m so ready!

This one is from a current rainy day.


These were from recent snow days that make everything look so pretty, even if it’s brief.

C15A9781 copy-sharpened

C15A9809 copy-sharpened

C15A0045 copy-sharpened

There were from a newly discovered old barn. I love the ivy covering the walls.


C15A0065 copy-sharpened

Here’s to hoping spring shows up real soon!

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