Sunrise at the Beach – Take 1

Last week my family went on vacation to the shores of Oak Island, NC.  It’s a beautiful,  quiet beach with nothing much to do but relax and enjoy the ocean.  That’s exactly what I did.  There’s nothing like slowing down for a bit to re-energize.

I was super-excited to try some beach photography.  Since we don’t live close to a beach, it was my opportunity to experiment.  So even though I was on vacation, I arose at 5:00am for 4 of the days we were there hoping to catch a great sunrise.  Not being super familiar with the area, I sought out a couple places that I did know of, but the sun seemed to rise over my left shoulder away from the scenery.  There was never a cloud in the sky either,  heaven to a vacationer, but not so much for a photographer.

So slightly disappointed from a photography viewpoint, but finding peace and solitude on a beautiful beach during sunrise?  Yes, please.

Day 1, trying to find the sunrise.

C14A5610-Edit copy-sharpened

28mm | f22 | 6 sec | ISO 100

C14A5627 copy-sharpened

39mm | f22 | 3.9 sec | ISO 100


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