The {Serenity} Project – Pearson’s Falls

I don’t know about you, but the sound of a mountain stream is just about one of my favorite sounds.  I think there is a reason the sound is included in one of those white noise machines.  There’s something about the sound of rushing water that calms the soul inducing peace and … serenity.

I was visiting my Mom and Dad over the July 4th holiday at their lake house.  I’m not sure how this stuff happens, because it’s just a little strange, but an advertisement for Pearson’s Falls popped up on the sidebar while I was browsing on Facebook sitting out on the porch one morning.  It’s like the internet knows stuff.  Especially where you are located.  And it follows you.  Anyway, I was intrigued and when found out the falls were a mere 5 miles away I asked my Dad to go with me for a couple hours and visit the falls.  The weather had been very overcast, so it was perfect for shooting the falls.

It was a fantastic couple hours in the woods with my Dad.  I’m so glad the internet drones were keeping up with me that day.  But they can stop now.

C14A6246-Edit copy-sharpened

33mm| f/22 | 90 sec | ISO 100

C14A6269-Edit copy-sharpened

33mm | f/22 | 119 sec | ISO 100

C14A6275-Edit copy-sharpened

41mm | f/22 | 119 sec | ISO 100

C14A6280-Edit copy-sharpened

39mm | f2.8 | 1/100 | ISO 400

Please follow along our Serenity circle by visiting the talented Courtney Rust.  You can find her dose of calm and serenity at Rusty Lens Photography.

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