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I am of the certain age where I can remember when you didn’t have air conditioning in your house, much less your car.  Ah, those were the days.  Not.  Of course being young I guess I really didn’t feel the heat as much as I do now, or at least it didn’t seem to bother me.   These days however, I keep my windows shut for most of the year in the house and certainly in the car as I’m not sure what I would do without air conditioning.

All that brings me to this month’s serenity blog post.  Not too long ago I was out with my husband shooting a waterfall in the mountains.  It had been raining most of the week, but this particular day was just overcast with bits of the sun shining occasionally and the temperature was perfect.  Fall was here and the leaves were thinning, but everything seemed fresh and clean.  After photographing the falls, I handed my husband the keys to the car and said “Here, you drive home.”  I had already thought about what I wanted to accomplish while riding shotgun on the way home.

So as we start down the mountain, I rolled down my window.  I could smell the recent rains and the warm wind was blowing through my hair.   Memories of my 10-12 year old self came to mind, riding in the family car to Michigan in late July for summer vacation.  I’m in the back seat, windows rolled down, sweating like crazy trying to keep from sticking to the plastic covering my Dad installed to keep the car seats clean.  Yea, be jealous we had such a clean car.

Snapping back to reality, I put the camera strap around my neck to make sure it doesn’t fall out the window.  Then I turn to face the autumn colored trees whizzing by as I look out the window.  I raise my camera and start clicking the shutter.  Then I just watch for a few minutes.  Serenity comes in the form of blurry trees, without a care in the world.

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The Serenity Project is collective blog consisting of members who strive for all things serene. This month is no exception in finding serenity all around us in this world. Nina Mingioni is next in line. Follow the circle around to see what she captured this month.

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