The View From “Lombard Street”

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco you’ve probably visited Lombard Street,  the crooked, curvy one-way street famous for it’s hairpin turns.  If you’ve never been to San Francisco you’ve probably at least heard of it.   Here in my town, there’s a similar street that is just beyond the downtown area.   It’s not one-way, but a very narrow dead-end road, so if you find yourself on it you better drive slow and be prepared to back up if you meet an oncoming car.  It’s also a residential area and when I found myself there last night I was hoping  (1) the residents wouldn’t mind if I took a peek of their view and  (2) I wouldn’t meet an oncoming car.  The residents never complained, so I think I was OK there, but I had to find a spot to move my car when a couple of them were driving through on the way to their homes.  That was a bit tricky but once I squeezed into my little space I was treated to the most incredible views and sunset!  Whoever lives here on this street is very, very lucky.

The rhododendron bushes are blooming here now, and they are spectacular!   They made for a beautiful foreground in the images.

I took some shots just before the sun went down.

C14A5056 copy-sharpenedC14A5067 copy-sharpenedThen waited for sunset.

C14A5098 copy-sharpenedThen I packed my stuff and prayed I wouldn’t meet a car on the way down.


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  • Kelly - Always at the end of the school year I begin feeling homesick for my mountains! I love these pics and so it begins…”in my mind I’m gone to Carolina…”ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Stunning, captured Gods best! Thank you for sharing your giftReplyCancel

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