Viewpoints: My {Downtown} View

Has it been a month already??  Time sure does fly because it’s time for my viewpoints blog circle again.  This month I’m showcasing my downtown Asheville view.

For the last few weeks, I’ve gone to these 2 spots repeatedly trying to get just the right shot.  I never did get anything I’m crazy about.   Sometimes that’s just how it goes when you do landscape photography and you are at the mercy of what Mother Nature decides.  Sometimes the skies are full of clouds during the day but the light is too harsh and then they disappear near sunset when the light is beautiful.  I’ll continue to try, but for now these are what I have.

These images represent my downtown view from a distant vantage point.  As I looked at downtown from each of these locations, I couldn’t help thinking about how much our downtown view has changed.  I guess that happens when you live in a place for a really long time.  Progress happens.  Things change.   Building come down, new buildings go up.  Trees get bulldozed and concrete gets poured.  For the longest time the core buildings that make up the downtown view really didn’t change.   Not long ago they built a hotel that I think changed downtown the most.   It’s the big orange-yellowish one in these images (the blueish one on the far right is another new hotel being built).   I’m sure it’s a beautiful hotel, and you can see they have a floor at the very top that allows visitors to look out over the mountains and the city.  I’ll bet the view is simply gorgeous.

No matter what changes may continue to come, I’ll never get tired of seeing Asheville from a distance, all nestled amongst the mountain ranges.

C14A5164-HDR-Edit copy-sharpened

In taking this next image, I am perched in a place that people in the late 1970’s petitioned not to be disturbed.  The road in the lower right corner didn’t exist and you had to drive through a tunnel to get to the other side of town.

Today I wouldn’t want to have to drive through that tunnel every time I wanted to get to the other side of town though.  So some progress is good.  But I do still drive through it on occasion for old times sake.

C14A5261-sharpenedThanks for browsing my downtown view.  You won’t want to miss Jennifer Carr’s viewpoint, so head on over there!

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  • Nadeen - What a beautiful view! I can see why you would never tire of it. Love the pop of color of the buildings against the trees in your first image.ReplyCancel

  • Addie - What a gorgeous downtown you have! I especially love how the colors of the buildings pop out in the first! Beautiful, Kathy!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Benemelis - Such a pretty view, Kathy. I’ve lived in the same area for 30 years and our city skyline has sure grown too. Love how the colorful buildings pop off the greenery.ReplyCancel

  • Jana - These are so pretty Kathy! What a view!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Carr - Oh, wow! That first image is perfect! The way the city just rises out of the trees is so spectacular!ReplyCancel

  • Bianca J Klein - Oh how I miss that GREEN! Beautiful photos of a wonderful city. Your post made me smile as I always loved visiting Asheville. Great work Kathy!ReplyCancel

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