Viewpoints – My {Linville Gorge} View

There are many places around here that I haven’t been to in ages.  The Linville Gorge was one of them.  My daughter and I set out early one recent morning to visit the gorge and waterfalls.  I had forgotten how long it takes to get there.  When we finally pulled in the parking lot, there was one other car – with 6 people.  I wanted to tell them to wait until I got my pictures so they would be people free, but I guess that would have been a little rude.  So we set out on the trail behind them and reached the first set of falls.  By then the sun was shining brilliantly (to this photographer’s dismay) and I really wished I had left an hour earlier.  But since we were there and it had taken a good while to get there I decided to make the best of it.

Our first stop was the upper falls.  There are actually two small falls next to each other here, but I only shot this one because of the angle of the sun.

C15A6954-Edit-sharpenedA little further up and the trail led us to this overlook.  Notice how that little fall goes down the stream and makes the big Linville Falls.

C15A6961 copy-sharpenedJust a little bit more up the trail led us to this view.  The little falls are in the area at the top of the big falls. It’s surrounded by trees in this image though.  I don’t think I remember a vantage point so high.  The gorge was so beautiful.  I really wished in that moment that I had a wider angle lens.  I couldn’t get all of that jaw-dropping beauty in the frame.   I’m thinking of putting it on my Christmas list….  (did I just say CHRISTMAS???)

C15A7007-Edit copy-sharpened

To the right of those falls is the beautiful gorge and the river.

C15A6966-Edit copy-sharpened

When we returned to the parking lot, it was completely full with cars parked all over the sides of the roads.  I’d say this area is a pretty popular spot!  We heard of a hidden falls along a short trail from the parking lot called “Duggers Creek Falls”.  We decided to walk the trail and at first walked right by it because it looked too small to be a waterfall.  Then we realized, this was really it.  I think it might have actually been my favorite spot that day.



We left the gorge and headed home.  Instead of going home the “quick” way, we meandered home taking the Parkway the entire way back, stopping at an overlook to enjoy a picnic lunch.

It was a beautiful day indeed.

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