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I think I may have found what makes my heart sing when it comes to photography.  The last two times I’ve been free to go on the parkway it’s either been raining or cloudy and overcast.  While that doesn’t make the sky very pretty in pictures, it sure is the perfect weather for hunting down waterfalls!

The first day I was able to get out, it was actually raining.  Not a hard rain, but a misty, light rain.  Not being deterred by the dreary weather, we (my husband and I) drove to the waterfall I had decided to visit the previous day,  Roaring Creek Falls.  I’d never been to this one, nor have I really heard of it, so I was intrigued.  It was about an hour drive from my house located at the base of Mount Mitchell.  I was pretty giddy just before I reached the site.  Since it was raining, I would have the place to myself to take all the pictures I wanted without having to wait for others to get out of the frame.  I pulled in the parking lot, and saw one other car.  Hmmmm.  OK, well it was just one car.

We had to walk a half mile to the waterfall.  About half way there, we met a couple returning from the falls.  After a minute or so of chit-chat, we continued our walk and I was giddy again.  Nobody would be there.  We arrived at the falls and it was beautiful!  I set up my camera and tripod and started shooting.

Not 15 minutes later a group of 6 young men arrived.  Seriously??  It’s raining!  Not only that, but they were a little bit like dare devils and started climbing the side of the falls to the top.  Seriously??  Don’t you see my camera?!?  Ummmph.

I had already gotten some images and it was getting harder to photograph with them in the frame, so I shot a couple close-ups and called it a day.  As I was putting my equipment away, another group of about 7 people arrived.  So much for having the falls to myself.

I was still pleased with what I shot that day though.

C15A7767-Edit copy-sharpened

Roaring Creek Falls

C15A7786 copy-sharpened

Roaring Creek Falls

The second time I was able to get out on the parkway was just this past Sunday.  Again, it was an overcast and cloudy day, but no rain.  Perfect for shooting a waterfall.  I decided on a place called Crabtree Falls.  Again, I had not been there before, so we headed out fairly early to beat other visitors to the falls so I could get some shots.

It was also about an hour’s drive from my home (and only about 7 miles from Roaring Creek Falls),  all on the Parkway.  The trees are reaching peak color now and they are just beautiful!  Once we reached the parking lot, we had a mile and a half walk to the falls – all downhill.  The path was rather rocky, so you had to watch your footing carefully.

We finally reached the falls and I quickly set up.  There were other photographers there, but everyone was considerate about sharing the prime spots and staying out of the way.  The falls were so beautiful.

C15A8330 copy-sharpened

Crabtree Falls

C15A8324 copy-sharpened

Crabtree Falls

C15A8344 copy-sharpened

Crabtree Falls

C15A8340 copy-sharpened

Crabtree Falls


Sadly it became time to go.  Remember how I said it was downhill all the way there?  Yep, uphill all the way back.  Good thing I had my hiking companion who could carry my equipment for me.   🙂

I really, really loved shooting these waterfalls. I have since ordered a “Waterfalls of North Carolina” map and a book “North Carolina Waterfalls: A Hiking and Photography Guide”.  Guess you know what I’ll be reading soon!

Viewpoints is collective blog consisting of members who love landscape photography.  This month is no exception to the beauty that surrounds us in this world.  My very talented friend Kristen is next in line.   Follow the circle around to see her view this month.


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  • Jennifer Carr - Holy moly, I love these. You know how I feel about waterfalls! Put these on the list for my next visit!!ReplyCancel

    • Kathleen Roberts - Thanks Jennifer! Will do. I have a whole map of them now 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Addie - Wow! These are gorgeous, Kathy! I love those first two especially! Don’t you hate it when people get in the way of our nature images!?!ReplyCancel

    • Kathleen Roberts - Thank you Addie! I do, but I know that we are all there to see the beauty. Most people are really, really nice and considerate though.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Ryan - Oh my! So beautiful, Kathy! How I’d love to come photograph waterfalls with you! I wish we had more around here….that will be my new project…hunt out some waterfalls :giggle Thanks for sharing these gorgeous views!ReplyCancel

    • Kathleen Roberts - Thank you Kristen! You know you are welcome anytime. Like I told Jennifer, I have a whole map of them now!ReplyCancel

  • Debra Brown - Gorgeous picturesReplyCancel

    • Kathleen Roberts - Thank you Debra! You get out to some pretty awesome places yourself!ReplyCancel

  • Iris - Wow – these are gorgeous. I am sure that you were a little sad when the people arrived at the first fall. I love the long exposures you have captured. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

    • Kathleen Roberts - Thanks Iris! It was OK. I had really gotten some good shots just before they came.ReplyCancel

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