Walker Falls

The warm weather had me pulling out my waterfall map to start browsing where to venture next. I settled on Walker Falls which to my pleasant surprise was fairly close to my house. I had not heard of it before but saw a picture of it online and thought it looked really pretty.

I had planned to go Saturday morning, but looking at the weather forecast I spotted pure bright sunshine - which is awesome for days you are not going to visit a waterfall, but not so awesome when you ARE going to visit a waterfall. Sunday morning looked more promising with partly cloudy skies, so I waited a day. I also had to make sure my companion could go with me. Walker Falls is another 4 miles pretty deep into the woods down an unpaved road once you come to the end of pavement and I didn't want to go alone. Since the bears are out now looking for food, I needed a lookout. One juvenile black bear had already visited our back porch twice last week and destroyed our bird feeder looking for said food, so I needed to be safe rather than sorry.

Sunday morning looked good so my companion and I ventured out as planned. I noticed a breeze, but hoped it wouldn't be too bad once we arrived at our destination. Breezes and long exposures are not a great combination when you are in the woods. The slight movement of the trees from the breeze makes for blurry images.

We were making good time from the house - until we hit the unpaved road. It was slow going from there, seemed like the longest 4 miles I've ever driven!

The woods were beautiful though and we spotted many people camping along the roadside on our way up. It's so quiet in the woods, I bet they had a wonderful weekend camping with the beautiful weather.

I noticed several roadside cascades and small waterfalls along the way. I made a note to stop and photograph them on the way back.

Just when I didn't think 4 miles could get any longer we rounded a curve and there was Walker Falls. It was pretty impressive after the recent rains. And even though the breeze was still around, I took photos anyway.


On the way back, I kept my promise to myself to stop and photography the cascades and mini-falls.


Walker Falls is checked off my list... where shall my next adventure be?