The Serenity Project - Poppies, Poppies, Poppies

Life has been busy and getting in the way of blogging regularly, but today is our Serenity blog circle, so it's a good time to make a blog post!

You wouldn't think anything next to an interstate would provide serenity. I mean, with cars speeding down the road, tractor-trailers and mufflers making noises and sometimes the honking of impatient drivers swirling all around it gets pretty dang noisy.

But the sprinkling of wildflowers blooming along the roadside next to our interstates are a beautiful sight to see. There are different flowers in different areas, but my very favorite are the red poppies. They don't last long, but oh, are they pretty when they are in peak bloom!


So as it was, I pulled over on the side of the interstate and waded among the red poppies the other day. I could hear the interstate noise and the car honks, but all that faded into the background as I photographed the beautiful flowers.

Somehow serenity found it's way to an interstate roadside that day.


The Serenity Project is collective blog consisting of members who strive for all things serene. This month is no exception in finding serenity all around us in this world. Please welcome Maibritt Olsen to our serenity blog circle. Follow the circle around to see what she has to share this month.