Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Last week I was knee-deep on Roan Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway with my friends Jennifer and Nadeen. It was such a wonderful time being able to photography and share our beautiful area with my photographer friends. There are many, many images to wade through, but this one at Craggy Gardens caught my eye this morning.

We took a ride to Craggy Gardens the first evening they arrived. You just never know when you are riding up there what you will find. I've mentioned before how everything looks great then a couple miles before you arrive at the parking lot the fog has rolled in and there's nothing to see. Fortunately we were lucky this evening and though the fog was threatening to make an appearance, it stayed away long enough for us to shoot some images with the rhododendrons that were in full bloom.

The atmosphere was quite busy. Storms were surrounding us, but thankfully none came close to where we were. It sure did make for some interesting skies though!