Viewpoints - My Parkway Rhododendron View

I took a ride on the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway a couple days ago. For some reason I was not expecting the rhododendron to be in bloom quite yet. But they were and was delighted to have happened upon them this day.

It was a gorgeous day and even though I had originally planned to just take a nice ride, I couldn't help but pull over in a couple spots to take in the beautiful pink and purple buds.

The first stop was Waterrock Knob. The blooms were just starting here and I can imagine in another few days how much more they will be in bloom.


A little further down the road was Devil's Courthouse. The blooms were lined up on the trail head to the summit, but I didn't take hike the trail this day. I still took a picture of the magnificent rock face surround by all the spring greens. Some parts of the parkway are just getting their full leaves in.


Next up was Graveyard Fields where there are fields of rhododendron and mountain laurel. Some had already bloomed but a good many bushes are just starting to bloom. In the next week the area will be covered in color.


Viewpoints is collective blog consisting of members who love landscape photography. This month is no exception to the beauty that surrounds us in this world. My very talented friend Kristen Ryan is next in line. Follow the circle around to see her view this month.