Outer Banks - Part 1

In early May I returned to Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks at the invitation of my friend Jenny. I love the ocean just as well as the mountains. When it comes to geography NC wins it hands down. Where else can you be standing on the tallest mountain peak east of the Mississippi and a few hours later be lounging by the ocean for sunset? Love it!

I arrived on Thursday afternoon and met up with Jenny and her friend (my new friend) Carolyn. I got settled in - and then came the rain. The 3 days I was going to be there didn't look promising weather wise. There would be periods of heavy rain and cloudy skies, with just a few breaks of sunshine. Sunrise and sunset pictures seemed to be out of the question, but we would head out anyway when the sun was shining no matter what time of day it was.

One of my goals while I was there was to head to Frisco Pier. The pier was closed to the public after it was seriously damaged in 2010 by Hurricane Earl. It has been slowly disappearing into the ocean by crashing waves, storms and other hurricanes that make their way to the coast. Pretty soon it will simply fall into the ocean or it will be demolished and I wanted to get a few more shots of it before it is gone for good. I would have loved to have shot it at sunrise, but again, the weather did not cooperate. I just wanted to make sure I saw it at least one more time before it's gone forever.

With a break in the rain, we headed out. It looks almost defeated, but is still standing strong.


I really hope I get to see the pier again before it's gone.

While the sun was out, we made out way to the Hatteras lighthouse. Stay tuned.