Our New England Vacation - Part 2

You can find Part 1 HERE.

We arrived in Bar Harbor, ME mid-afternoon after driving about an hour and a half from Camden, ME. Again the drive up the coastline was so beautiful, and we loved passing through quaint little towns on the way up north.

Once we settled in our beautiful inn, The Bar Harbor Manor, we went for a walk. We were far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bar Harbor, but close enough that it only took us 10 minutes to get there. It was still quite overcast, but it wasn’t raining and the temperature was comfortable.

We quickly noticed a side street heading toward the harbor with quite a few people heading down the street. Curious, we followed them. We figured out we had stumbled across Bar Island. Twice a day when the tide goes out, an underwater sandbar is exposed and it temporarily connects Bar Harbor to Bar Island. There’s about a 90 minute window before and after low tide when you can walk across the sand bar. I was a little afraid to cross on this first day not knowing the tide and I didn’t want to get stuck across on the island!

The low tide exposed some really beautiful, yellow colored seaweed.

Strolling in Bar Harbor gave us our first glimpse of the harbor and the many boats in the water.

After dinner we made the short trip to Acadia National Forest and drove up Cadillac Mountain. The top parking lot was full already, so we made our way back down and found another spot. It was incredibly beautiful and I could have stayed for hours.

Turning in the opposite direction while shooting sunset gave me a very different view with it’s pink glow.

Plus, a full moon!

It was such a good day! Next it was time for a good night’s sleep so we could discover Acadia National Park for our next outing.