A New Look!

Greetings friends!

You may have noticed a bit of a new look for my website. I’m excited to change things up a little although you could say I was sort of forced into it.

I had been wanting to change up my website for a little while now. I kept pushing it off because it meant doing an upgrade I really wasn’t quite sure how to do, and paying someone to do it wasn’t exactly fun either. So I kept pushing it off and my website got neglected a little more each day.

When I returned from California I decided it really was time to do something about it and started investigating how to do that upgrade. It was then I realized some slimeball had hacked my website. Since I had neglected my site for a while now, I wasn’t sure when it happened. So I started investigating how to remove the malware and whatever else from my site. By this time my poor eyeballs were crossed and my head hurt. I decided to start over from scratch, change platforms and rebuild a new site on my own.

And here you have it.

I’m really looking forward to being more active on here. I’m having to start over with my blog posts because most of them (aka nearly all of them) got lost. (Insert your favorite curse word here.)

But it’s a new day and I’m looking face forward. So welcome to my new site. Bear with me while I work out any kinks and issues in these first few weeks.

And.. a picture because posts always are better with pictures.