Big Creek - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A few months ago I visited Big Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s one of the largest creeks in the park. It’s a beautiful spot, always with good water flow and it has tons of cascades, boulders and moss to discover. It’s a big park and the trails lead to some waterfalls, but on this day I just ventured in and around the creek on the way to the parking lot and then the creek just off the parking lot. There was so much to photograph just in those two areas!

One the way in I photographed multiple cascades in the creek along the side of the road.

Some early spring flowers were blooming that were so pretty!

Just beyond the parking lot was the bridge over the wide, rushing beautiful water. Funny enough I didn’t get an image of the bridge which is strange because it’s kind of iconic. Go figure.

After a relaxing and productive morning I stopped at the Big Creek Country Store for a refreshing drink to enjoy on the way home.

Kathleen Roberts